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TOMEI GENESIS RB28G Complete Engine



- Long Block Package Designed After Vigorous Testing.

- From Street to Race Track, The Specs Have Been Designed For All Round Performance.

- Performance Cars Running The Tomei Performance Stroker Kit.

- All New Valve Train Products.

- High Precision Processing and Assembling.




Valve Guides Upgraded / Valve Seats Cut

Valve Set Setup / Valve Opening Setting

Enlarging Seat Ring Inner Diameter / Port Step Correction

Valve Friction Correction / Combustion Chamber Capacity Adjustments

Cylinder Head Surface Correction / Deburring Casting Errors

Specialised Cleaning / Precision Assembly



Block Surface Correction / Dummy Head Installation

Cylinder Boring / Plateau Honing

Cylinder Bore Measurement, Piston Clearance Check

Deburring Casting Errors / Specialised Cleaning

Piston & Conrods weight checking and adjusting

Main Conrod Bearing Matching

Piston Rings Checking and Adjustments

Precision Assembly



Special Tomei Trademark Paint on Cover

GENESIS Precision Assembly



- Base Engine Type: RB26DETT

- Compression Ratio: 8.4

- Bore x Stroke:

-- Tomei RB28: 86.5 x 77.7mm

-- RB26: 86.0 x 73.7mm

- Displacement:

-- Tomei RB28: 2738cc

-- RB26: 2567cc


Tomei Installed Parts:

- Piston: Forged 86.5

- Connecting Rods: Forged H-Beam 119.5mm

- Crankshaft: Forged 8-Counter Weight 77.7mm

- Camshaft: Procam 270-10.25

- Valve Lifters: Forged High Lift Type

- Adjustable Pulleys: Duralumin In/Ex

- Head Gasket: Metal

- Valves: 1mm Oversized

- Valve Springs: Type-A

- Valve Spring Retainers: Titanium

- Valve Spring Sheets: SPCC

- Valve Guides: Phosphor Bronze

- Head Bolts: Reinforced Studs

- Head Bolts Washers: Reinforced

- Timing Belt: Reinforced

- Main Bearings: Competition

- Connection Rod Bearings: Competition

- Main Bolts: Reinforced Studs

- Oil Gallery Orifice: 1.5

- Oil Pan Baffle Plate: Active Baffles

- Oil Pump: High Flow Type

- Oil Filter Cap: Silver

- Ornament Plate: RB28 Type


OEM Parts:

- Cylinder Head Block Assembly

- Cylinder Block Assembly

- Piston Skirt Oil Jet

- Oil Pan

- Front Diff Gear

- Crank Pulley

- Short Parts

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