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Wiring Specialties RB25DET into S14 240sx Pre-Made Swap Harness


This Wiring Specialties Pre-Made Harness COMBO includes the ENGINE and TRANSMISSION harnesses for the RB25DET installed in a S14 240sx. Replace both harnesses with brand new ones and save time and money!



Engine: R33/Stagea RB25DET

- Any RB25DET from 1994-1997 Skyline GTS-T

- Any RB25DET from Nissan Stagea

- Supports Series 1 and Series 2 engines

- Only supports engines running a manual transmission


Chassis: S14 240SX


- Any S14 240sx manufactured in 1995-1998

- Transmission Harness supports 5-speed and Auto to 5-speed conversions


Engine and Transmission Harnesses Feature:


- Brand new wiring and connectors

- Each Engine harness contains the S1 and S2 MAFS connectors

- Replaces the OEM engine harness entirely

- INCLUDES ABS wiring for any S13 240sx

- Support the OEM Consult port (DOHC models and up)

- Installs in 15 minutes

- Improved ECU grounding

- OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart)

- Designed for a factory-like installation and fit and finish for the S13 240sx

- Retains OEM wiper functionality

- Retains Cruise Control and all gauge functions

- Works with the Greddy/Freddy intake manifolds

- All A/C, Temp override, Auto On/Off functions properly

- OEM wiring connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all

- Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement

- Requires RB25DET/S14 Speed Sensors

- Transmission Harness supports 5-speed and Auto to 5-speed conversions

- Will improve engine performance through better grounding and power wiring

- Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee


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