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Megan Racing Front Adjustable Upper Control Arms - Nissan 350z/G35


Megan Racing Front Adjustable Upper Control Arms - Nissan 350z


The 350Z is a heavy-machine weighing over 3,200lbs and is plagued by body roll and a soft spring-rate for the comfort of the masses. For this reason Megan Racing has decided to develop numerous products to enhance the performance and bring out the full potential of the 350Z/G35 on both the street and track.


Alignement is crucial to the handling of your vehicle. Remembering that the only thing that touches the ground is your "Contact Patch" of your tires you have to make sure that your tires and wheels are doing exactly what you want. With this you must make sure you have the proper camber, caster and toe as well as make sure they are all working together and not against eachother.


The 350Z/G35 is sensitive and "picky" when it comes to it s alignement characteristics. The front Camber is crucial to the turning capabilities and characteristics of the 350Z and G35, these Front-Upper A-Arms allow the adjustment of more Negative Camber in the front and are perfect for any driver looking to properly tune their machine for performance. The Powedercoated Steel Construction also adds for durability and wear against demanding competitive conditions and rough driving surfaces as well.


Designed for 2003+ Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35.


Allows adjustment of Front Camber. (Negative Only!)


Powdercoated for durability against the elements.


High Strength steel construction protects against stresses of competition.

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